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Ad Guidelines


Responsive skins are required to be 3 separate images. This allows us to deliver the Skins across desktop, tablet landscape and tablet portrait (see example below).

Top image dimensions (WxH)

1000 X 250 PX - Template

Left Image dimensions (WxH)

330 x 1400 PX - All text, slogans and calls to action must live within 120 x 600 PX - Template

Right Image dimensions (WxH)

330 x 1400 PX - All text, slogans and calls to action must live within 120 x 600 PX - Template

Background colour (outside creative area)

Can be specified

Clickable area

Left, top, right

Resolution (Pixels/Inch)

72 DPI

Colour format


Combined max file size

240 KB (80 KB per creative, if Reach hosted)


GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG (Static only - no animation)


Desktop, Tablet

Important Notes:

  • As the creative set transitions across screen sizes the images will resize to best fit the screen they are being viewed on, due to this the top section will adapt to the user’s screen size, this may result in the creative appearing slightly larger or shorter. With this in mind we recommend images don’t overflow into another creative (e.g. left/right creative), as this may appear out of alignment for some users.
  • Rich media Skins can only be served on Desktop (no tablet support)


How skins display on page:

  • Desktop
    • On Desktop we will be able to serve all 3 images.  A left, right and top image.
    • Top Image, 1000 x 250 PX
  • Tablet Landscape
    • On this screen size we would deliver a top image and a right-hand image
  • Tablet Portrait
    • On this screen size we would deliver a top image and a right-hand image

We support The IAB UK and The Coalition for Better Ads initiatives to create a better ad supported user experience. All ad formats and creative must adhere to The Better Ads Standards.

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