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Catherine Lynch
08 April 2024
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The most valuable candidates in a competitive job market might not actively seek new opportunities.

These passive candidates are often happily employed and not browsing job listings. However, their skills, experience, and potential make them highly desirable hires. So, how can businesses effectively attract people from this elusive group? The key lies in a strategic approach that goes beyond traditional recruitment tactics.

Understand the passive candidate

First and foremost, understanding what motivates a passive candidate is crucial. Unlike active job seekers, they are not swayed by standard job advertisements or recruiting emails. They’re comfortable where they are but might be open to exploring compelling opportunities that promise growth, challenge, and an enhanced work-life balance.

Build a strong employer brand

Your employer brand is your strongest asset in attracting passive candidates. It’s the narrative that encapsulates what it’s like to work for your company—your culture, values, and the opportunities you offer. A strong employer brand shared through social media, blog posts on your company website, and employee advocacy can pique the interest of passive candidates who identify with your mission and values.

Leverage employee networks

Your current employees are your best ambassadors. Encourage them to share open roles within their networks. Often, a recommendation from someone within their circle is more persuasive to a passive candidate than any direct approach from a recruiter.

Engage through professional platforms

Platforms like LinkedIn are goldmines for connecting with passive candidates. However, the approach here should be personalised and respectful of their current position. Share insights about industry trends, participate in discussions, and gradually build relationships before presenting an opportunity.

How to improve your recruitment strategy in 2024 guide

Looking for new ways to energise your recruitment strategy?

Attracting passive jobseekers and tempting those not actively looking for a new role is more challenging than ever.

Perhaps it’s time you approached the recruitment process differently? Are you using content marketing to build awareness of your business and its employment opportunities? Is your recruitment campaign inclusive? Are you advertising your roles in the right places?

In the How to improve your recruitment strategy in 2024 guide our recruitment experts reveal the approaches you need to take to inspire and attract applicants in 2024.

Offer flexibility and growth

Passive candidates will only move for something significantly better than what they currently have. Highlighting flexible working conditions, opportunities for professional development, and clear paths to progression can make the prospect of joining your company more attractive.

Tailor your approach

When you do reach out, ensure your message is personalised. Show that you’ve done your homework by mentioning specific achievements or skills that caught your eye. Make it clear why you believe they would be a perfect fit for the role and how the role aligns with their career aspirations.

Be patient and persistent

Attracting passive candidates is a long game. It involves building relationships and keeping potential candidates engaged over time until the right opportunity presents itself. Patience and persistence in nurturing these connections are key.

Experts on hand to help

In summary, attracting passive candidates requires a shift from traditional recruitment strategies to more nuanced approaches focused on engagement, relationship-building, and showcasing your company as the ideal place for their next career move. By adopting these strategies, businesses can unlock a new pool of high-calibre talent ready to propel their business forward.

Here at Reach, we have a team of recruitment experts who understand the challenges of recruitment and the importance of finding the right candidates for your business. Our team is here to provide support and guidance throughout your recruitment campaign, from helping with your employer brand to optimising your strategy.

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