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Catherine Lynch
16 May 2024
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Choosing a pathway to continue their studies is a multifaceted decision for students.

They must consider courses, fees, accommodation, facilities, transport, and the cost implications of staying at home versus moving out. Even the most enthusiastic students can find this process overwhelming. While some students have a clear idea of their path and the educational choices they need to make, others rely heavily on guidance from various influencers to help them decide.

The Power of Influence

A significant 83% of students decided on their degree subject before their university or college. This highlights the role of subject-specific outreach. Decisions are most influenced by the quality of the course, but employability is increasingly important post-COVID.

Emotional influences from friends, teachers, parents, and grandparents increasingly impact these pivotal decisions, with 1 in 4 students saying that their parents or carers were their biggest help in determining their choice of degree course.

Case study | Lincoln University

We partnered with the University of Lincoln to grow the university's intake.

“We needed a partner who could work with us collaboratively, based on trust, and understand the challenges we had. Our discussions led us to understand the potential of what Reach could offer us to reach UK-based learners. Reach were collaborative, competent and well-informed partners.”

Ruchi Aggarwal, Director of Business Development at the University of Lincoln

How Reach can help you connect with the influencers guiding students’ education decisions

We have extensive insights into our audiences’ behavioural data and interests that we can use to make sure your marketing campaigns are optimised to be seen by the correct people.

Every month we reach…

  • 4m 18 – 24 year olds
  • 370k parents with children expected to attend university within the next year
  • 647k people who are expected to finish school or college within the next 12 months
  • 14.9m people interested in education topics in the newspaper

Our proven experience in the education sector can connect you with future learners & influencers using a range of effective marketing solutions, across digital, content, social, and print.

To find out more, complete the short form below and one of our marketing consultants will be in touch to discuss how we can help showcase your courses ahead of the new academic year.

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