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Filipa Cebola
20 June 2024
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Are hashtags still relevant? No matter the sector you are in, the use of hashtags can significantly boost your content’s relevance to your audience.

So if you think hashtags are a thing of the past, think twice. It’s the way we use hashtags that’s changing so keep reading if you want to find out how.

Why hashtags matter

Hashtags function as searchable keywords that can amplify your content’s visibility on social media platforms. They can help to:

    • Increase the discoverability of a business
    • Boost engagement through particular topics
    • Help you join relevant conversations within your sector
    • Target specific audiences, especially if you need to reach several

Social media platforms have evolved and created a need for SEO strategies. Hashtags are an essential part of these strategies, they are just another tool in your toolbox for improving your business’s online presence.

How do you know which hashtags are relevant to you?

You should select hashtags that are relevant to your content and industry.

For example:
Hospitality/days out: #TravelTips, #WeekendGetaway
UK Travel: #ExploreUK, #UKAdventures
Home improvements/DIY: #DIYProjects, #HomeImprovement
Health & Beauty: #SkincareRoutine, #WellnessJourney
B2B: #BusinessGrowth, #B2BMarketing
Motors: #AutoTrends, #CarLovers
Property: #RealEstateTips, #PropertyMarket

If you are not sure how to find them you can use online free tools such as which will generate a list of relevant and most searched ones concerning a specific topics.

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Here are a few best practices

Branded hashtags
Create unique branded hashtags for your business or campaign to promote brand or an event recognition and encourage user-generated content.

Limit your hashtags
Stick to 3-5 relevant hashtags per post to maintain professionalism.

Incorporate them naturally
Weave hashtags into your content naturally rather than adding them all at the end.

Engage with trending hashtags
Use trending industry-related hashtags to join conversations and increase visibility.

Use niche hashtags
When sharing valuable content, use niche hashtags that might be only relevant to a particular type of content.

Encourage engagement
Prompt discussions using hashtags to invite comments and shares.

Common mistakes

  • Using irrelevant hashtags for visibility
  • Overloading posts with too many hashtags
  • Ignoring analytics data on hashtag performance
  • Always using the same hashtags

By mastering hashtag usage on social media, you’ll be well-prepared to attract and engage new customers across various sectors. Stay relevant, be strategic, and monitor what resonates with your audience.

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