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Vicki Barlow
30 October 2023
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No matter your thoughts on Black Friday, it presents opportunities for your business to maximise sales in the build-up to Christmas.

It’s less than a month until Black Friday, and as Christmas marketing experts, we’re here to help you maximise sales during this retail phenomenon. According to Mintel, total sales during Black Friday 2022 reached an estimated £12.3 billion, up 8.3% year-on-year.

Mintel’s Black Friday market research outlined that: “the financial squeeze in 2022 actually heightened the event’s role, with 63% of consumers agreeing that the financial concerns made Black Friday promotions more important than last year. With deals to be found throughout the majority of November, many use Black Friday as a way to spread costs during Christmas and will make use of deals to buy Christmas gifts – something the cost of living crisis has served to strengthen.”

Black Friday isn’t just about discounts; it’s also an opportunity to boost the visibility of your business and engage with your audience.

Black Friday is no longer a case of promotions focused on a single day. Rather it spans all promotional activity from the middle to the end of November. The majority of sales are online, moving the focus from brick-and-mortar stores. Google Trends shows that there’s typically an increase in search traffic from the beginning of October, while most retailers begin to communicate their Black Friday offering prior to Halloween.

It falls on Friday 24th November this year, but you should be thinking about how you would like to approach Black Friday now. Start by deciding which offers you would like to lead with then consider how to present them to potential customers as part of your Christmas campaign.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of the opportunity this year.

01. Start early with teasers

The excitement for Black Friday starts building long before the day itself. Content marketing is great for this, without being too pushy or giving too much away too soon.

We can help you craft engaging online articles that highlight your upcoming Black Friday deals, share shopping tips, or showcase your top products. We can publish these articles on our network and you can share them on your website and social media channels to generate anticipation among your audience.

02. Don’t give too much away too early

It can be tempting to tell your customers exactly what your deals are going to be, but this can take away one of the major factors when it comes to succeeding on Black Friday: the suspense.

Make sure customers know you’re going to be offering Black Friday deals but don’t share the exact discount rates or exact product details. Instead encourage them to come back to your premises or website on the day. Taking this approach will give your customers a sense of urgency on the day itself and you can make the most of that fear of missing out (FOMO) feeling.

03. Make your offers clear and compelling

Customers are super savvy now and are unlikely to fall for a product or service that’s discounted but isn’t the same specification of what they’ve looked at before. If you give customers a bad experience on Black Friday they won’t just stop shopping with you for the day they’ll stop for good.

Clear offers such as percentage discounts, multi-buys or product packages are the way to give people a real sense of value. Black Friday is highly-competitive and a really busy time for your customers who will have their eye on certain products. They don’t have time to work out complicated deals so make it obvious. Make it too good to miss.

04. Audit and update your product pages

With the majority of sales being online, you’ll need to make sure your website is at its very best. Spend time making sure your product pages are as good as they can be.

You’ll want to ensure that your key product descriptions are accurate and include the right keywords to attract web searches. Also confirm that your product imagery is high quality (but at the same time optimised so that it doesn’t affect page load speed). If you have reviews then display a selection of them alongside the product.

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05. Use all your infrastructure to promote your deals

If you’re a bricks and mortar business use window stickers, leaflets at the point of sale, and shop floor screens to build excitement. If you’re an online business use pop-up website banners to highlight to all of your visitors that discounts are looming.

Use video on social posts to build intrigue, email to stay front of mind – and to secure that conversion, use pay per click (PPC) and shopping ads to maximise the opportunity.

We can support you to create captivating digital ads for Black Friday. From social media ads to display ads to target specific demographics and interests. By taking advantage of our expertise, you can optimise your digital ad campaigns for maximum reach and impact.

06. Use InYourArea for local engagement

InYourArea is an excellent tool for engaging with your local audience. Create targeted promotions and events for Black Friday using our InYourArea platform.

Share updates on store hours, exclusive in-store offers, and local events. Encourage community participation and create a sense of excitement around your business in your target area.

07. Post-Black Friday engagement

Black Friday isn’t just about the day itself – there is still a month’s worth of sales to be had before Christmas.

After the event, continue engaging with your audience. Publish post-Black Friday content, such as success stories, customer testimonials, and follow-up articles that highlight the best-selling products. Keep the momentum going by extending some of the deals into the following month. We can help you to share this information through online articles and digital advertising.

Are you ready to make this Black Friday your most successful one yet?

Partner with Reach Solutions and let us help you shine during this shopping season! We have proven experience of helping businesses achieve their goals with our range of marketing products and expert advice. We also have a range of offers available to help your budget this Christmas, including 4 for 3 on hyper-local platform InYourArea.

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  • Source: Mintel | 2023

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