Case Study

Sky / Mediacom

The brief

As a team of massive Game of Thrones fans, when our good friends at Mediacom briefed us on the biggest series launch of the year, we knew we had to pull out all the stops and pitch the highest level of creativity & innovation that we do so well!

Our solution

With a campaign focused around the Game of Thrones trademarks of dragons, dragon eggs and fire, we were so excited to use these as a basis for our execution. To achieve this, we produced a combination of both digital and print solutions to achieve exactly what Sky had asked for. As part of our commitment to making this launch as impactful as possible, we proposed something that's rarely proposed.

Our reach

On the 22nd August for the day of launch our masthead was updated to creatively deep link the show’s dragons within one of the most recognisable news titles in Ireland. The logo change was accompanied on-site by a webstrip containing the House of Dragon logo and key detail. This one day logo takeover was the perfect solution to build excitement and attract the attention of as many readers as possible on launch day.

Main solutions used

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