Case Study

Peroni / ASG

The brief

ASG Agency worked with us to help promote their client, Peroni 0%’s event to bring a superb F1 experience to Belfast City Centre whilst emphasising the connection with Peroni 0%.

Our solution

An initial launch article was drafted along with proposed artwork of how the event would look. This was placed on Belfast Live and boosted via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram stories. A day prior to the event we hosted an Instagram quiz to test our reader's F1 general knowledge. This featured 4 questions on F1 including a swipe up to the launch article, along with key dates and times.

Our reach

Our solution included written content, video, an Instagram quiz and a post event gallery. This would allow us to show the excitement of the event while clearly demonstrating Peroni's connection to the car. We scheduled the content at key times, encouraging steady footfall throughout the weekend long event.
Check out the video here
combined social reach
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Sasha McKnight

Head of PR, ASG

The team at Belfast Live played a significant role in ensuring that we successfully drove visitors to ‘Il Pitstop’ so we can’t thank you enough for everything you did to support us. As always you went above and beyond so thank you so much!

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