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The brief

‘Speak Up For Allergies’ is a Food Standards Agency (FSA) campaign that targets young people (18-21) living with food allergies and their friends and family. For this particular campaign, the aim was to encourage young people to speak to the restaurant/takeaway about their food allergy every single time they’re ordering food, even if it’s a restaurant they’ve been to before, or a meal they’ve had before. The campaign was heavily focused on takeaways, considering covid restrictions at the time, and Belfast Live was the right partner for reaching the target audience.

Our solution

In response to the brief, we curated a series of content on Belfast Live, in various formats, that would 'speak volumes' to the target demographic and disrupt their social space in a fun and educational way. We started with a short, informative Instagram reel that would educate young people on the need to speak up about allergies. We also included a news article addressing the issue, with helpful information about allergies and how to recognise them. Sponsored content supplemented the campaign with six tips to stay takeaway safe if you have a food allergy, this was supported with an Instagram quiz to test the knowledge of our BelfastLive readers.

Our reach

Total reach and impressions of all social media content across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - 239.7k. Social media engagement rate - 7.4k. Articles viewed 3.2k times.
social media impressions
social media engagement rate
article views

Louise Owens

Senior Communications Executive, Smarts

The quiz performed brilliantly and exceeded our dwell time KPI for native content! I would definitely include content from Belfast Live in future campaigns.

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