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Brand campaigns in 2020 had to work hard. The public were battling with an ongoing pandemic directly affecting their everyday lives, the media was reporting unrelentingly gloomy and terrifying news about the pandemic and brands were struggling to cut through the noise to speak to their audiences in any kind of relatable or useful way.  Readers were tired, scared, confused and in need of a break. It was time to take a pause and to try and take stock of the changes we had all collectively experienced and someway prepare for the likely changes and hardships to follow.

Our solution

Since 2013, Electric Ireland has been a key brand partner of Darkness into Light, the internationally renowned fundraiser for Pieta. The event has become a hugely important one for raising awareness of mental health issues and helping those in our communities affected by suicide look forward with hope. Darkness into Light 2020 was unable to take place in a physical sense because of the Coronavirus pandemic and combined with a situation of widespread heightened anxiety, filling a void of conversation around these vital issues became vital.

Our reach

Together with Electric Ireland, we set out to ideate and create a multimedia campaign to reach those who might be struggling with their mental wellbeing and the profound changes we all had to live with. Power of Pause focused on the importance of doing just that - pausing - consciously slowing down, taking stock - and giving yourself a break. The campaign was highly commended in The Drum Online Media Awards, something we’re hugely proud of.
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Anne Smyth

Sponsorship Specialist, Electric Ireland

As a brand Electric Ireland cares deeply about issues that impact our customers and local communities in Northern Ireland and our hope when we started to work on Power of Pause with the Belfast Live team was that we would be able to create content that would inform and support people throughout Northern Ireland in the most difficult of times. We are delighted to be recognised by The Drum for the work involved in Power of Pause and proud of this partnership.

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